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Solvent Dyes

Solvent Dyes are high quality colors that are highly soluble in organic solvents to impart colors of different shades in wide range of products which includes lubricants, plastics,hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, and many kinds of nonpolar materials.

Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes are textile materials that are commonly used for the dyeing of various types of protein fibers which includes angora, alpaca,silk, wool, mohair, feathers and other. These anionic substances are readily soluble in water and can be used for the acidic bath in laboratories.

Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes are fast acting chemical grade coloring substances that are widely used in various small to large scale textiles to impart colors over different types of fabrics. Buy from us these industrial grade chemicals from us in bulk at low price.

Basic Dyes

Basic Dyes manufactured and supplied by our company are available in different light to dark color shades that are suitable for many kinds of textile materials. The offered range of coloring agents can also be used in various other industries such as plastic, paint etc.

Organic Pigment Powder

Organic Pigment Powder availed by our company is formulated by using top quality chemical ingredients that make them highly active and fast in action. These powdered substances can be added to wide variety of organic solvents for the uniform distribution of the colors.

Disperse Pigment (Fine Paste)

Disperse Pigment (Fine Paste) are premium grade industrial substances that are commonly used for the to improve the dispersion properties of the coloring substances and help to improve the lump formation for better solubility and mixability.

Dyes Intermediates

Dyes Intermediates are chemical substances that are used during the dyeing application to enhance the performance of the coloring agents by improving the solubility, absorption rate, bonding strength etc. for the uniform distribution of colors over the products.

Leather Dyes

The offered Leather Dyes availed by us are used for leather coloring due to their higher affinity towards the fabric.These substances are highly popular due to their high degree of fastness and good resistance to dry cleaning.

Paper Dyes

Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of best quality Paper Dyes that are especially formulated for the coloring of the raw pulp, paper and cardboard sheets. Buyers can get these compounds from us at a low price.

Biological Stains & PH Indicator Colors

Biological Stains & PH Indicator Colors are chemical substances that are used for the testing of biological samples and pH values by adding colors stains. They are available in different grades as per the area of applications.

Electroplating Raw Material

Neha-Chem is a big name which deals in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of top grade Electroplating Raw Material that are used in metal fabrication and product restoration industries to provide highly finished smooth layer over the surface of the metallic products.

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